The concept of mobility offers fluidity to migration research. It replaces binaries and fixity with continuum. The focus of mobility is on relational categories, intersections and the processes of (im)mobility and (in)equality. In this way, mobility becomes a tool for comprehending inequalities and the role of social divisions, such as gender, race and class. The aim of this group is to comprehend and complexify what (in)equalities and (im)mobilities reveal within migratory and circulatory contexts.

This group welcomes interdisciplinary research (across disciplines and methodologies) that is willing to look at the complexity of migration and embrace the interaction between inequalities and privileges, mobility and immobility. Topics within the Inequalities & (Im)Mobilities cluster of the ICS Migrations HUB include but are not limited to the study of discriminatory policies and/or practices, the causes and/or consequences of discrimination and privilege as well as the substantive and/or formal distinctions which result from seemingly neutral constructs.